RaiLatheTM Services

Yellow’s service business, Yellow Rail, has vast experience of delivering safety critical, field based services to the rail sector.  The latest addition to the service portfolio is the Mobile Wheel Re-profiling Service provided to the UK rail network. This service is delivered by a dedicated team of staff with the technical and operational experience needed for such an innovative activity.

The Services element of the RaiLatheTM portfolio is managed by the Yellow Rail MWRS team headquartered in Derby. It is delivered by our operations support team and field-based, specially trained wheel lathe Technicians who are operate specially adapted vehicles, deployed direct to the asset for re-profiling. 


The vans operate on a regional basis are fully equipped with electrical and hydraulic power and compressed air and to perform a fully self-contained field operation for the re-profiling of wheelsets.


The service portfolio is extensive and is adapted to accommodate our customers varying requirements.

Service Portfolio

Field based Mobile Wheel Re-Profiling Services

Laser profiling

Application Design

Technical and Engineering Support

After Sales Support

Installation Support

Wheelset management and reporting



  • A fully managed Mobile Wheel Re-Profiling Service
  • Specialised wheel lathe technicians with considerable experience of lathe operation
  • An adaptable approach to the market and customer needs
  • All types of vehicle can be re-profiled in situ
  • Fully automated CNC controlled for high accuracy profile
  • Efficient set up and operation to allow return to service of vehicle with minimum downtime
  • Proven in UK rail applications
  • Suitable for locomotive and wagon wheels
  • Lift and hold-down to support fully loaded wagon
  • Wheelset management and recording of data


  • Increased asset utilisation
  • Improved customer service for operators and wagon owners
  • Reduction in infrastructure fines
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced down-time for emergencies 
  • Rapid turnaround of wheelsets
  • Full reports from the field via MWRS reporting system
  • Ideal contingency for permanent wheel lathe 

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